Trinity Energy Group, Inc.: Opportunities in Oil and Gas

Trinity Energy Group, a company founded in Nevada, operates from Laguna Beach, California, one of the first and foremost oil-producing states in the United States. It has engaged in investment opportunities in development, supervision and management of drilling and production of oil and gas in North America, Central America and throughout the whole world. Existing projects can also benefit from Trinity’s experience on exit strategies in the industry. Hence, either way, entering or divesting in the oil industry can be a profitable experience with a capable partner such as Trinity Energy Group.

Who are the people behind Trinity Energy Group?

TEG has a formidable team of executive and technical people that can provide the necessary expertise and experience to make any venture into the industry worth undertaking. Its Vice-Chairman, Dr. R Gerald Bailey, has served as a President of Exxon Arabian Gulf and now holds two chairmanship positions in two companies and a CEO position in a third company. Dr. Bailey has over 50 years extensive experience in the petroleum, engineering and management fields. When TEG says you are in good hands, when it comes to helping your own oil and gas investment needs, they mean it. It pays to know who are working with you and for you, beginning from the top to the bottom.

Chairman and CEO Brian Figueroa has had 25 years of experience in corporate management, entrepreneurial work and has actively engaged in the construction, telecommunications, gaming and energy industries. His expertise as an executive manager assures partners and clients that TEG has what it takes to go on a successful long-term project undertaking.

TEG has Oil Executives for Financial, Project Management, Business Development and Investment: Mike Pugh, Craig Illausky, and Victor Roman, respectively, to complete the management team which stand ready to serve TEG’s clients to a productive venture in the oil and gas industry. Reading these people’s extensive experiences off TEG’s website shows the backbone that holds the company upright.

Getting to know a company begins with knowing the people who run it. From there, you can find out what each of them have accomplished individually and collectively. It takes a while, of course, to fully appreciate a company’s capability. Based on its track record, however, you can determine its strengths and capabilities – the signals hat tell you that you can get the due diligence needed to make your investment work for you.

Knowing the technical basics of a blue-chip industry as oil and gas is a primary need for any investor. Yet, knowing people who know the industry – much more than you do, if possible – is your best weapon for guaranteeing your success in this field you have thought of for quite some time now. Perhaps, you have found the right way toward your personal investment goals with TEG.